Cozmo Privacy Basics

This article covers some basic questions about how and why Cozmo uses certain user data. For further information about this topic please consult our privacy policy.

1. How does Cozmo work?

Cozmo is an advanced robot with an animated face and a voice. He can move around, play, and interact. Cozmo's brain is in the Cozmo App, which you download to your phone or tablet. Cozmo acts as his own Wi-Fi access point, and you connect your phone or tablet directly to him.

2. How does Cozmo find his way?

Cozmo navigates the world using his internal camera, sensors, gyroscope, and downward-facing cliff detector. Images from Cozmo’s camera are processed on your phone or tablet, allowing him to see the world around him and take actions, like find his power cubes. Images from Cozmo or the Cozmo App are not stored or transmitted to the cloud.

3. Why does the Cozmo app on Android request access to my location?

The Cozmo app requires WiFi to connect to Cozmo. Some versions of the Android operating system require apps to have location access before they can use WiFi. Because of this Android requirement, Cozmo and the Cozmo app will not work without access to your location. The Cozmo app does not use, store, or send this location information to DDL. Please read our privacy policy for details.

4. How do I teach Cozmo my name?

Within the Cozmo App, tap the Meet Cozmo icon, and enter the name you'd like Cozmo to call you. Cozmo will scan your face and translate what he sees, into numerical features. He then saves those numerical features, along with the name you entered, for when he sees you again. No images are stored.

5. Can Cozmo record conversations or share photos?

No. Cozmo cannot record conversations, and cannot share photos. Images from Cozmo's camera are processed in the Cozmo app to power his navigation and other features. They are not stored and do not leave the Cozmo app.

When you use Cozmo to recognize you, the Cozmo app may translate faces Cozmo sees into encoded facial features, a set of numbers not recognizable by a person. These numbers are not uploaded to DDL nor shared, and you can delete it anytime by visiting the Meet Cozmo section of your Cozmo App.

6. Can I delete Meet Cozmo information?

Yes, in two ways. From the Meet Cozmo app within the Cozmo App, you can tap the trash can icon near the name of person you don't want Cozmo to recognize anymore. Or, you can delete all Meet Cozmo information (all saved names and numerical feature sets) by resetting your Cozmo at Settings > About > Erase Cozmo. More information about how to erase your Cozmo can be found in this article.

Please note: Erasing information saved on Cozmo will mean you'll lose upgrades and unlocks, and may degrade your experience.

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