How to erase or restore Cozmo

Your Cozmo stores progress and game data on himself and creates a safe - encrypted - backup on the Cozmo app. This data can either be erased or used to restore a Cozmo. This article will describe the different situations where you may wish to perform either of those functions. Please also consider our Privacy article if you want to find out more about what Cozmo stores. 

Note: If Education Mode is activated, there is no progress from a specific robot, nothing is stored in the robot, everything is stored in the app only. 


  • Erase Cozmo: Erases all data/progress from your Cozmo and the app. Erased data cannot be restored
  • Restore Cozmo: Restore your Cozmo with the data from a previous backup 


If you want to start your Cozmo experience from scratch you can simply erase your Cozmo to delete all the data. The erased data and progress from Cozmo himself and the Cozmo app backup cannot be restored. Please also consider our Privacy article if you want to find out more about what Cozmo stores. 

To erase your Cozmo please follow these steps: 
  • Connect to your Cozmo
  • Press on the “Settings” icon in your Cozmo app 
  • Press and hold the “Erase Cozmo” button
  • Confirm that you want to erase Cozmo 
  • All data / progress from Cozmo and the app (including onboarding) will be erased
  • The next time you start your Cozmo he will behave like a new Cozmo 


Each time you play with Cozmo his data will be backed up in the Cozmo App. If you had to replace a Cozmo you can use the backup data from your Cozmo App to restore any previous game data, based on the most advance Cozmo that had been connected to the app. 

Please be advised that restoring Cozmo will overwrite your current data with the data from the backup.

The restored data includes the Cozmo on-boarding, any unlocked games or behaviours. The restored data EXCLUDES your Code Lab projects (you should always save them if possible) 

To restore your Cozmo please follow these steps:  

  • Connect to your Cozmo
  • Press on the “Settings” icon in the Cozmo app
  • Scroll to the “About” section
  • Press the “Support” button
  • Select “Restore Cozmo” and keep holding the “Restore” button until it completely turns orange
  • Once you’ve held the “Restore” button long enough the Restore process will start
  • Once finished, Cozmo will automatically go to sleep
  • Once Cozmo has turned off completely you can reconnect to him 
Important: Once you delete your Cozmo app you will no longer be able to restore your Cozmo.
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