[VIDEO] How do I connect to Cozmo’s WiFi network?

This FAQ provides guidelines on how to establish an initial connection to Cozmo and how to set him up. It also outlines potential issues you may encounter and some basic steps to troubleshoot those issues, including:

  • Cozmo does not turn on
  • Wi-Fi- Network (SSID) or Password (PSK) are not displayed on Cozmo's screen
  • "Incorrect password" message
  • "Unable to join network xxxxxx" message
  • "No internet" message variants
  • "Searching for IP address" message
  • "You must update your Cozmo app" message
  • "Screen overlay detected" message
  • "Safety recommendation" message
  • "Authentication problem" message

If you manage to connect to Cozmo successfully but Cozmo keeps disconnecting or turning off, please refer to this FAQ.

Information about Cozmo’s WiFi network

  • Cozmo does not use internet but still requires a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection to connect to your device
  • Connecting to Cozmo’s network will not affect your home or other network(s)
  • Cozmo’s WiFi connection is protected by the Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) security protocol, a pre-shared key (PSK), and a unique SSID (network name) for each Cozmo

How do I set up Cozmo and connect to him?

  • Unbox Cozmo and all the contents of his box, laying everything out on a well-lit, clean table. This includes Cozmo, his 3 Cubes and his charging platform
  • You will need your own type A USB power source or adapter with a minimum output of 2A=5V
  • Install the Cozmo app on your compatible Amazon/Android/iOS device
  • Watch this video to begin a wonderful journey with your new accomplice! This applies to iOS, Android and Fire devices


Cozmo won’t connect. What do I do?

If you are having issues connecting to Cozmo, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Test with a compatible device
  • Check the app version is up to date
  • Check your device’s OS version is up to date
  • Check your device is searching for all network types
  • Toggle airplane mode to temporarily cut data exchanges
  • Turn off mobile data connection
  • In the list of networks in your device's WiFi settings, forget Cozmo’s network
  • Turn off Wi-Fi assist (iOS 9 or higher or Android 8 or higher)
  • Disable VPN if you are using it
  • Check location services are turned on (location will not be stored)
  • Turn off the "Smart network switch" - Android 6 (Marshmallow) or Android 7 (Nougat) only
  • Check for interference from other devices or distance Cozmo from microwaves, baby monitors, digital cordless telephones
  • Powercycle Cozmo and replace him on his charging platform
  • Restart your device
  • Check the Wi-Fi has a strong signal
  • Close apps and processes running in the background

Some specific issues and solutions

Note: these examples are not inclusive.


Applicable to iOS, Android and Fire

  • Issue: I get an “Incorrect password” message. Solution: avoid typing mistakes when entering Cozmo's WiFi password by typing the password into your device's notes app to make sure it matches what is shown on Cozmo's device. Then, simply copy and paste it into your WiFi settings password field

    • Cozmo has a backpack button: 15 digits + 2 hyphens

    • Cozmo does not have a backpack button: 12 capital letters (not including B, O or U)


  • Issue: I get a "You must update your Cozmo App to continue" message. Solution: update the app to the latest version available on all your devices (Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire)
  • Issue: SSID or PSK are not displayed on Cozmo's screen when I place him on the charging platform. Solution: raise and lower Cozmo’s lift manually. If he still does not broadcast them, please contact the original seller or DDL Customer Care to review potential warranty options 
  • Issue: I get a “Unable to join the network “Cozmo_xxxxxx” message. Solution: follow this troubleshooting
  • Issue: I get a “searching for IP address” message. Solution: contact Customer Care at support@digitaldreamlabs.com.
  • Issue: Cozmo does not turn on Solution: use a power source of minimum 2A 5V. If Cozmo still does not turn on, please contact the original seller or DDL Customer Care to review potential warranty options 


  • Issue: I get a “no internet” message on my iOS device. Solution: this is expected and not an issue since Cozmo does not use internet
  • Issue: I get a “Safety recommendation” message on my iOS device. Solution: follow this troubleshooting


  • Issue: I get a “no internet” message on my Android device (or a variation of this message). Solution: this is expected and not an issue since Cozmo does not use internet. On the notification dialog, select “Don't ask again for this network” then “Yes”
  • Issue: I get a “Screen Overlay Detected” message on my Android device. Solution: close all background apps and re-launch the app
  • Issue: I get an “authentication problem” on my Android device. Solution: this message is a transitory issue with your device. Follow this troubleshooting

If you have followed the above troubleshooting steps and need some more help, please contact our Customer Care team and provide us with: 

  • a detailed summary of issue and troubleshooting steps already performed
  • a photo of the sticker underneath your Cozmo
  • your device’s IP address range by tapping “i” next to the Cozmo WiFi network in your device’s WiFi settings
  • Cozmo’s LED color and behavior on the charging platform
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