Helpful Tips to Get Started

 A few things to keep in mind as you get started with Cozmo 

The Cozmo app is an integral part of the Cozmo experience

  • When you choose a compatible device that's going to be used regularly with Cozmo, be prepared that your kids might be demanding your device all of the time.  
  • Cozmo is seriously fun, so we're warning you to be prepared for the demand for your device.

Where to play with Cozmo

Cozmo may work on carpets, but he definitely prefers smooth and flat surfaces that are not highly reflective. So you should avoid surfaces like mirrors or glass-topped tables.

How do I wake up and reconnect to Cozmo?

Going somewhere? Even if Cozmo is already fully charged, remember to bring his charger.

Cozmo has his own WiFi Network, but Cozmo never connects to the Internet, and only ever connects to your device. 

  • So please remember, when your device is connected to Cozmo, it will not be connected to the Internet via WiFi.
  • When you’re finished playing with Cozmo, your device normally will reconnect to your usual WiFi network, but you can change networks manually if you like.

Cozmo and the Cozmo app will remember the progress you've made bonding with him. Whatever Cozmo learns is stored inside Cozmo and backed up inside of the app, including unlocks, game difficulty, and every name and feature set saved in Cozmo's memory.

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