Using Cozmo with Multiple Devices and Cubes

This article explains some details about how Cozmo interacts with devices, how a single device can interact with multiple Cozmos, and what can happen if you have more than one Cozmo nearby.

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A Single Cozmo and Multiple Devices

While it is absolutely possible to use more than 1 device with a single Cozmo, there are some things of which you need to be aware.

  • Only 1 device at a time can connect to any single Cozmo. It is not possible to use 2 or more devices simultaneously with the Cozmo.
  • When another device / player plays with Cozmo, progress earned and changes made to Cozmo stay with him. For example, someone else can spend all of the Sparks you had earned 

So, when different people and their device connect to your Cozmo, the next time you connect you may notice changes to Cozmo that you did not experience with him.

For example:
  • Changes to Cozmo's volume level.
  • Different Tune Up and Feed Nurturing levels.
  • You no longer have the same number of Sparks and Tokens.
  • There are New People in Meet Cozmo.
  • Cozmo needs to readjust to your skill levels in games.
    • He may be too easy or too hard to beat in Quick Tap, Keepaway, or Memory Match.
You will be unable to re-earn:
  • Bonus Boxes that contained new Songs, Games, or Abilities.
  • Game Unlocks and Cozmo's skill levels.

A Single Device and Multiple Cozmos

You can absolutely use any device that has the Cozmo app with more than 1 Cozmo. Please note that any or all of the following can be different on each Cozmo:

  • Cozmo's volume level
  • Nurturing levels for Tune Up and Feed
  • People in Meet Cozmo
  • Number of Sparks and Tokens
  • Available Songs, Games, and Abilities
  • Game Unlocks and Cozmo's skill levels

Only Saved Cozmo Code Lab Projects will not change when you connect to different Cozmos.

Cozmo Code Lab Projects are unique to each device. If you delete the app from any device, all of the saved Code Lab Projects on that device will be lost. Once changed or deleted, Code Lab Projects cannot be recovered and there is currently no way to archive or share these Code Lab Projects. The Code Lab Projects that you create only exist on the device on which they were saved. 

What about Cozmo and Multiple Sets of Cubes?

When Cozmo wakes, he always pairs with the 3 closest unique Cubes unless you have activated Education Mode and selected that Cozmo always use the same 3 cubes (see this FAQ) for more details).

  • Three (3) unique Cubes make up a single Set of Cubes.
  • A Set of Cubes consists of a #1 Cube, a #2 Cube and a #3 Cube.
  • Cozmo cannot use more than 1 Set of Cubes (3 Cubes) at a time.

Here's a picture of a single Set of Cubes.


Here's a close up of how each Cube is numbered 1 through 3.


To Cozmo, every #1, #2, and #3 Cubes are the same as every other #1, #2, and #3 Cubes, but Cozmo can only ever sync and interact with one #1, one #2, and one #3 at the same time.

So, if you have 2 or more Cozmos that each came with their own set of Cubes, Cozmo will pair with the first three #1, #2, and #3 Cubes he reaches. Also, be careful because when you have more than 1 Set of Cubes near Cozmo, he may connect with one or more Cubes that you do not expect him to use.

If Cozmo is not using the correct Cubes, you can easily help Cozmo to swap/change to a different Set or individual Cubes with these steps:

  1. Identify which cubes Cozmo is synced to by going to Settings > Cube Status > Identify Cubes > tap a colour > all synced cubes will flash this colour until you tap "done"
  2. Place the new set of Cubes very close to Cozmo.
  3. In the Cozmo app, tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Scroll right until your reach the Cube Status.
  5. Tap the "Auto Connect to Cubes" button.
  6. Press the "Connect" button.
  7. The closest set of Cubes will glow green and the briefly blue when successfully paired.

Can one Cozmo interact with another Cozmo?

Cozmo does not recognize himself or his brethren and will not interact with them.

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