Learn more about Education (EDU) Mode


Learn below what Education Mode is, how it differs to the regular version of the Cozmo app, and who to contact if you have issues when using Education Mode.

What is Education Mode?

  • App version 3.4.0 introduces EDU Mode
  • EDU Mode focuses on learning with Cozmo and Code Lab
  • There are some differences in how the app works depending on if EDU Mode is enabled or disabled

How do I enable EDU Mode?

  • Once you have set up Cozmo as normal and synced to his 3 cubes, go to Settings > Enable EDU Mode. Once enabled, this will be your default Mode unless you disable EDU Mode 
  • Please note that if you wish to turn off automatic Cozmo updates, you need to do this via your device settings


What is different?

  • Code Lab is the default Main Menu
  • Pause Cozmo's Needs
  • What is stored in Cozmo
    • EDU Mode is not stored in a specific robot
    • Progress from a specific robot is not saved when EDU Mode is enabled
  • "What's new" dialog boxes are not displayed
  • When placed on his Charging Platform, and plugged in, Cozmo does not go to sleep when in Settings or Code Lab
  • When in Settings or Code Lab, Cozmo does not enter "Freeplay"
  • Multiple Cozmos and Cubes in the same environment?
    • Pair Cozmo to specific cubes
    • Allow Cozmo to sync to three cubes before enabling EDU Mode
    • Allow Cozmo to always sync to these same three cubes by using the checkboxes in "Cube Status" to prevent Cozmo from discovering and connecting to different cubes (even when selecting "Auto Connect")


Need help?

If you are experiencing difficulties with Cozmo in Education Mode, please do the following:

  1. disable EDU Mode by going to "Settings" > turn Education Mode "Off"
  2. try to reproduce the issue
  3. If the above steps fail, please use the Contact Us link below.

If you require information about how the product can be used for education, best practice, materials, etc., please email us at support@digitaldreamlabs.com.

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