Why is scanning not successful?

This FAQ lists several potential issues you may see when scanning a track and how to overcome those issues.

Issues you may be experiencing

  • Vehicles do not start scanning
  • Vehicles do not line up properly
  • Vehicles do not stop scanning
  • Incorrect track configuration displayed in host app
  • Vehicle(s) do not appear in the host’s app 

Normal behavior

  • Larger vehicles (BigBang, Supertrucks) struggle to complete scan, especially if the track includes a Launch Kit, Bank Turn Kit or Elevation Kit. The vehicle may stall, drive off track or do a wheelie

        trucks.png no_trucks.png

Troubleshooting the basics

  • check you are using a compatible device
  • check you have built a valid track configuration. While troubleshooting, use a simple oval track - "Microloop" - with 1 start/finish track piece, 1 straight track piece and 4 curved track pieces
  • Check the rear tires are not misaligned - the rim of the wheels should not be visible



Further troubleshooting

  • move the vehicles slightly forward or backward to line them up before you begin the game. This will not alter the results or the start of the game in any way
  • check you see all connected vehicles in the host app after scanning begins


  • try placing the vehicles on the track the wrong way around. Once scanning starts, they should correct their direction after approximately 1 lap
  • log into a different profile
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