Detecting and connecting to vehicles

This FAQ provides some troubleshooting for when you are unable to detect a vehicle, connect to it or stay connected to it.


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Please verify the following which influence successful connectivity:

  • Check you are using a compatible device
  • Check the OVERDRIVE app or the OVERDRIVE: Fast & Furious Edition app is updated to the latest version
  • Move away from any potential sources of interference including:
    • microwave ovens
    • Direct Satellite Service (DSS)
    • external power sources (chargers or power inverters)
    • wireless devices that operate in the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz radio frequencies
    • wireless RF video
    • wireless speakers
    • some external monitors and LCD displays
  • Charge your vehicles fully. Vehicles will not connect or may disconnect if they have low battery
  • Check you are in the correct tab in-app for selecting a Supercar or Supertruck
    • hint: If you are using X52 ICE, you need to play a game before he is visible in the Garage

Screenshot_2018-07-16-11-38-35.png Screenshot_2018-07-16-11-38-24.png


  • Check Bluetooth is turned on on your device
  • If your device’s OS version is Android 6 or higher, turn on location services
  • Turn the vehicle off and on again
  • Force close the app and any other running apps and processes
  • Restart your device
  • Toggle airplane mode on and off
  • Relaunch the app

Other tips 

  • If you are playing against Commanders / other players, have the Commander / other player select their vehicle first


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