What's different about Supertrucks?

In addition to the expected design-related differences, this FAQ includes some other game-related differences to make sure you will get the most out of your OVERDRIVE Supertrucks! 

Design-related differences

  • Supertrucks don't jump - they destroy (use the OVERDRIVE Launch Kit for Supercars, not Supertrucks) 
  • Supertrucks don't like low underpasses - elevate your risers with other objects (e.g. books) so they don't get stuck
  • Supertrucks don't like steep hills so make sure your circuit is truck-friendly
  • Supertrucks can't turn around on their own (e.g. after getting delocalized or being disabled) 
  • Supertrucks occasionally run over the orange track connectors with their trailer 

Game-related differences

  • Supertrucks have pre-defined weapons that can't be replaced (what you see is what you get) 
  • Supertrucks use Power Points to upgrade their pre-existing weapons
  • Supertrucks have Rage mode


Similar to the each individual Supercar you need to strategically decide when to use a Supertruck to utilize their strengths. Their superior energy levels and armor make them a great pick for Battle while you may prefer to select one of the faster Supercars in Race

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