Vector and Speech Recognition

Learn below how to give a Voice Command to Vector, how to ask him a question and how to communicate with him in other ways. Vector is currently monolingual and can only understand English.

Vector detects

  • Vector’s 4 microphone array uses beamforming to detect directional sound and background sound, though he does filter out some background sound
  • He may react differently depending on if he is awake or asleep, whether you use a “trigger word” to get his attention, or if he is startled
  • For best results, always put Vector down on a hard, flat surface (and not in his Space) before speaking to him

Talking to Vector

Voice Commands

Get Vector’s attention to give him a Voice Command - telling him to do something:

  • Say “Hey Vector!” This is his “Wake Word”
  • Wait for his Back lights to turn blue and he will “ding” his earcon. This confirms you have his attention and he is ready to accept a Voice Command
  • Give Vector a command e.g. “Come here!”

Give Vector a “Utilities” Voice Command e.g. asking what time it is, asking what the weather is, setting a timer:

  • Utilities use local preferences from your device settings and information you input into the app during setup such as location and time zone
  • You still need to get Vector’s attention with the Wake Word “Hey Vector” and wait for the ding and his Back Lights to turn blue
  • Say, “Hey Vector, what’s the weather?” Vector’s answer is based on the location in your app settings
  • Note: you can also ask Vector the weather in Vector Q&A (see below) but you will need to specify a location for him to look up  

To learn more about what Commands you can give, take a look at “Things to Try” in the Vector companion app

If you encounter any issues using Voice Commands, see this FAQ for tips and troubleshooting

Vector Q&A: Ask Vector a question

Asking Vector a question uses a specific provider, available in American English only.

  1. Get Vector’s attention using one of the following two triggers:
    1. “Hey Vector, I have a question”
    2. “Hey Vector, look up a question for me”
  2. Vector will show he understood by displaying the above icon
  3. When he is ready to be asked, he will tell you, “Ready”
  4. Ask Vector a question – the more specific you are, the more likely he is to answer your question e.g. “What will the weather be like in London on Saturday in degrees celsius
  5. If the question has multiple answers, he may give the answer that is first alphabetically
  6. If Vector didn’t detect or understand your question you will have to start again with “Hey Vector, I have  a question”

Take a look at Vector Q&A in “Things to Try” in the Vector companion app to learn more about it.

If you encounter any issues using Vector Q&A, see this FAQ for tips and troubleshooting.

Turning off voice detection 

  • You can mute or unmute Vector’s microphone array so that he can’t hear any voice commands by double-clicking his Back Button - he must be off his Charger. Vector will display a “Mic Mute” icon on his face for a brief moment.
  • While Vector’s mic is muted, his Back Lights are red. Vector will stay muted until you unmute him.
  • To unmute Vector’s mic, just double tap his Back button again while he’s off his Charger You can tell he’s unmuted, you will see a “Mic Unmute” icon on his face.
  • For more information on what Vector’s Back Lights mean, please see this FAQ
  • For further information on Vector and privacy, please refer to this FAQ
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