Why does Cozmo keep turning off?

This FAQ provides some troubleshooting if you have already connected to Cozmo successfully before but he now is disconnecting or turning himself off before 45 minutes of non-stop interaction. This FAQ does not apply to app crashes.

If you have never been able to connect to Cozmo successfully or are struggling to re-connect to Cozmo, please refer to this FAQ.

Please ensure the following:

  • Check your device meets minimum specifications
  • USB adapter should be type A
  • Use a power source that is minimum output 5V/2A if your Cozmo does not have a backpack button
  • Use a power source that is minimum output 5V/1A or recommended output 5V/1.5A if your Cozmo does has a backpack button 
  • Make sure the USB cable is fully plugged into the adapter / USB power source to make sure Cozmo is getting enough amperage
  • Charge Cozmo for 30 minutes until Cozmo shows a solid green LED

Turn off Network Auto-Switching:

In many newer phones on both Android and iOS platforms, the phone may detect that Cozmo does not allow Internet access to the device while he is connected. In some cases, the phone may disconnect from Cozmo and switch back to either mobile data OR to another Wi-Fi network to attempt to get Internet connectivity. You must disable this feature on a phone that is connected to Cozmo, or he will always disconnect and turn off after a few minutes of being connected.

Please note that these instructions may vary slightly depending on phone model. Contact the phone manufacturer for more details if you are not able to locate this setting using these steps.
  1. Android Devices:
    1. In the App Drawer (or on the Home Screen), click on "Settings"
    2. Click on "Network & Internet" and then click on "Wi-Fi."
    3. In the top right hand side of the screen, select the submenu and click "Advanced Wi-Fi".
    4. In this screen, turn off the "Switch to Mobile Data" option.
  2. iPhone / iOS:
    1. On the Home Screen, click on "Settings"
    2. Click on "Cellular"
    3. Find "Wi-Fi Assist" (you may have to scroll down)
    4. Once you have found "Wi-Fi Assist", swipe to turn it off.
    If you have followed the above troubleshooting steps and Cozmo still disconnects or does not show a solid green LED, he may need a new battery. Digital Dream Labs is now able to repair Cozmo robots by replacing the battery. This service is $75 USD and is currently able to be provided to customers in North America. Please write to support@digitaldreamlabs.com to begin a repair!
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