Multiplayer - requirements and troubleshooting

This FAQ lays out some requirements for playing OVERDRIVE Multiplayer games. It also lists some issues you may see when playing this Game Mode along with some troubleshooting to do.


Requirements for playing Multiplayer games ||  Errors you may see ||  

Basic troubleshooting ||  Android-specific troubleshooting

Requirements for playing Multiplayer games

  • Each player should use a compatible device
    • The most recently released / powerful device should be the HOST
    • Players using a device not on our compatible list and/or have downloaded the app manually via our APK will have a better gaming experience when JOINING a Multiplayer game rather than HOSTING one
  • Each player should be using the latest version of the app
  • All players should be connected to the same WiFi network
  • Your WiFi router should send the signal at either 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz
    • If your router frequency is over these two frequencies, consider temporarily disabling the network that is not being used by Joining devices

Errors you may see

  • “Waiting for players” message
  • Host unable to select players
  • Players unable to join a game
  • No nearby players
  • App crashes, freezes, hangs

Basic troubleshooting

  • Before setting up a game, all vehicles should be fully charged (LED on roof should be a steady green and pulse green when removed from charging platform). Low vehicle battery can prevent setting up a Multiplayer game as well as cause in-game disconnects
  • Host should activate their device's WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Joining “client” players should activate WiFi only on their device (this saves using BLE connections to connect to vehicles)
  • Joining “client” players may enable their device's Bluetooth if running into issues
  • Use of a repeater or range extender may interfere with connection
  • Other nearby devices using Bluetooth may interfere with connection
  • Toggle airplane mode on and off again on your device
  • Restart your device and re-launch the Overdrive app
  • Powercycle your router
  • If your router has an “Air Time Fairness” setting, disable it

Android-specific troubleshooting 

  • If you are unable to join the same network, please create a hotspot on your Android device for others to join. If the hotspot created does not have internet connection, please do not forget to synchronize your profiles using an internet connection after playing
  • Low resources can cause slow performance among other performance issues. Close all unnecessary processes and apps running in the background and check you have at least 1GB RAM available
  • Disable Screen Overlays on devices using Android 6 or higher
  • Activate location services on devices using Android 6 or higher
  • If a 4-person Multiplayer game causes performance issues, try a 3-person (+ 1 Commander) game
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