Turning Vector On or Off

Turning Vector on or off is as easy as pressing a button! Vector is very comfortable with staying on at all times. However, if you are going on a vacation for a few days or need to put Vector in storage, you can turn Vector off to stop him streaming data to the Cloud, and to save power. Turning Vector off and on again (also known as "rebooting", or "power cycling") also helps with small issues you may experience, such as seeing an error or if Vector is not playing any sound.

Turning Vector On:

  1. Start with Vector on his charger, with the charger plugged into a wall outlet. You can also turn him on while he is on a flat, stationary surface.
  2. Turn Vector on by pressing his Back Button (the LED strip) down hard until it clicks. The circular dot on Vector's back lights will light up.
  3. Vector will take about 1 minute to fully boot.
    1. If he is already set up, you will see his eyes appear and he will be ready to interact!
    2. If he still needs to be set up, you will see "anki.com/v" or "ddl.io/v" - see How to Set Vector Up

Turning Vector Off:

  1. While Vector is on, you can turn Vector off by pressing his Back Button (the LED strip) down hard until it clicks and holding it for 5 seconds.
  2. All of the LEDs on Vector's back will go dark and his will go blank.

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