Performing a Clear User Data Reset

The Clear User Data reset is great for permanently removing Personally Identifiable Information such as images and faces Vector has met from your robot. Should you decide to sell your Vector robot, you should always do this before choosing a new owner for your Vector. Any previously installed Vector software will also be deleted but the current software will remain on the robot. To also delete the current software, use Recovery Mode. Clearing User Data is also a great troubleshooting step and can resolve many more "persistent" issues with Vector that have no other solution. 

Please Note: This troubleshooting step will remove ALL data and you will need to set Vector up as a new robot. This step is permanent and any recognized faces, photos taken by Vector, and other data will be lost.

To Perform a Clear User Data Reset:

  1. Place Vector on his charger and plug the charger in.
  2. [If Vector is booting up, wait for the cloud logo to finish]
  3. Double click Vector’s Back Button
  4. Raise and lower Vector’s lift
  5. Turn his treads to move the arrow to "Clear User Data"
  6. Raise and lower Vector's lift to select "Clear User Data"
  7. Confirm the selection and wait for Vector to reboot
  8. Once Vector completes rebooting, you will be returned to the setup screen with "".
    1. To set Vector up again (if you had to do this to fix a problem with Vector), please see How To Set Vector Up.
    2. If you are setting up or Onboarding onto the Escape Pod, please retry the Onboarding Process.
    3. If you are selling your Vector, leave him on this screen and long press his back button for 5 seconds until his screen goes blank to turn him off. Then package him up nice and safe for his new home.
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