Repair Process: Cozmo & Vector

The process to repair your Cozmo or Vector is simple, transparent, and generally quick. Let's take a look at how repairs take place:

  1. To start a repair for a repairable problem (see here for a list of repair services), write to our support team at
    1. Include:
      1. First and Last Name
      2. Mailing Address
      3. Robot Serial Number (see "How to Find Vector's Serial Number")
      4. Description of issue or symptom
  2. Our support team will confirm the issue and begin your repair ticket. An invoice for $35 USD will be sent to your email to cover the basic diagnostic fee. This fee is applied toward the full cost of your repair if you approve repair charges and begin the repair process. If you cancel the repair after the diagnostic, the fee is nonrefundable.
  3. Pay the deposit by clicking on the "Pay via Stripe" link inside the invoice email.
  4. Once the deposit is paid, your robot will enter the intake queue. This queue helps us to manage the amount of robots in the repair center at a single time, to ensure efficiency and quick turnaround times. When your turn comes and the repair center is ready to accept your robot, the repair center will send you a shipping address to send your robot to. We will also provide an RMA number and tips for shipping.
  5. Mark the box very clearly with your RMA number with permanent marker on the outside. We recommend using a standard shipping box with bubble wrap or other soft materials, rather than using your original packaging. This prevents damage to your original packaging.
  6. Our repair team will confirm the diagnosis for your companion and accept them into the patient area.
  7. We will send a new invoice you for the remainder of the repair charges. If any additional issues are identified, the invoice will show a new repair estimate that you may approve and pay, or decline.
  8. Once the final invoice is paid, your robot will be repaired (usually within 3 business days) and sent back to the mailing address you specified in your original ticket requesting the repair. If you need to update your address during the repair process, please email us at as promptly as possible.

If you ever need to see the status of your repair after it is created, please see the Repair Order Tracker

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