[VIDEO] Why do my vehicles go off track?

This FAQ lists some common issues with vehicle driving behavior and some troubleshooting steps to do.


  • Vehicles driving off-track
  • Vehicles spinning out
  • “Place and push” message
  • Vehicles driving erratically
  • Vehicles fishtailing
  • Unable to steer / control vehicle
  • Rear wheels grind / rattle

Normal behavior

Sometimes it seems the vehicles are behaving oddly when this is actually due to gameplay.

  • Use of Weapons, Special Items and Upgrades can affect how vehicles react
  • Using special track pieces such as the Power Zone can affect how a vehicle reacts
  • Super-trucks in Rage Mode spin out
  • Activating Pro-speed increases top speed and requires strategic driving
  • Steering requires strategy. Reduce speed before cornering a bend just like you would in real life

Maintaining the vehicles and track

The OVERDRIVE vehicles and track require regular maintenance to keep them clean and in top racing condition. This will solve and help prevent the issues outlined in Section 1.

Watch this video on how to maintain your OVERDRIVE. 


Additionally, clean the sensor/camera lens with a Q-Tip.

Building a great track

Gaps, lumps and bumps can impact the vehicle like a real car driving over a pothole. Check the following before building your track:

  • use a stable, flat surface
  • high pile carpet or objects used as supports for levels, bridges, etc. under the track can cause electrostatic and instability, and make the vehicles turn around
  • underfloor heating can cause fishtailing and erratic driving behavior since it affects the adhesion of the tires on the track
  • See this FAQ for tips on Building the Best Tracks
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